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NID card check | How to download NID card 2024

NID card check 2024, By verifying the national identity card, it is very easy to find out whether the ID card is genuine or fake. Going to share with you Voter ID card verification procedure and the easiest rule to check National ID card online.

Nowadays many people make fake NID Cards with Fake NID Maker. All these fake national identity cards can be easily verified by doing NID Card Verification. So there is no option to verify the National Identity Card to confirm the original NID card.


Attention: The National Identity Registration Division of the Election Commission has suspended the provision of National Identity Card information services to the Ministry of Lands and Birth-Death Registration website considering the risky websites. This step is to keep the personal information of citizens safe and secure.

NID Card Verification Process

To verify your NID visit and submit with mobile number, National Identity Card number and date of birth to see your ID card information.

Although there are other means of online voter ID card verification, currently all third party sites have stopped displaying voter information. Even on the official site of Ministry of Lands, you cannot see any information about your ID card.

By verifying the National Identity Card online, all the things that you can know about at the initial stage are:-

  • person’s name

  • picture of person

  • father’s name

  • mother’s name

  • date of birth (age)

NID card check

NID card check | How to download NID card 2024

No more need to go to another site to verify a National Identity Card. You can check any nid card here if you want. For nid card verification will require-

  • A mobile number

  • NID No

  • date of birth


Verify ID card with active mobile number, national identity card number and date of birth.


If the information displayed by filling the required input fields for ID card verification and submission matches that of the ID card, then the ID card is genuine. And if no information is shown or wrong information is shown, then it must be understood that there is something wrong.


Note: Sometimes the information may not be displayed even if there is a problem with the server or the site is not loading properly. In this case, the verification of the ID card must be done again.

Check Old Voter ID Card 


Same way on site ID number, date of birth and face verification NID Account Registration must be done. Then after login to the profile you can see the ID card information.


Those who have registered as new voters can also check the new voter ID card in the same way. The detailed process of how to verify your voter ID card by Face Verification is shown in this link, Voter ID Card Download.


Various organizations such as police, intelligence agencies, banks-insurance or other institutions can use NID Verification software provided by the Election Commission to verify National Identity Card information. To use this software one has to apply and buy the package from site.

Check NID card through SMS



Check NID card through SMS



To verify or check the National Identity Card through SMS, type NID<Space>FROM NO<Space>dd-mm-yyyy in the message option of the mobile and send it to this number 105. Your national identity card number will be informed by a return message from 105. In this way, the national identity card can be verified through messages.


Format of writing SMS on mobile is given below. You can change it according to form and date of birth. As currently National Identity Card can be downloaded from online, so if you want you can also download your ID card and use it.


NOT NIDFN87654321 01-01-1900


Here NIDFN87698765 means voter slip or form number. nid slip contains only 8 digit number. Sometimes using this form number does not get a return message or even no information is available. So it is best to add NIDFN before the form number and send the message.

Check NID card with number

To verify national identity card with NID number, visit Bangladesh Election Commission website, you can verify NID card with NID card number and date of birth. If the National Identity Card is original, it will be in the Election Commission database.


And if it is a fake voter ID then no information will come or it will be said that the ID card number is wrong. If so, there is a problem with the NID Card.

NID card check with App

National Identity Card can be verified using Online GD app operated by Bangladesh Police Kartik. Download online GD App from google play store to verify national identity card with photo by mobile.


Open the app and verify ID card number and date of birth by pressing the button, some information of the ID card will be displayed. Online GD app can verify name, parent’s name and address of the person.


Login to Online GD App to verify National Identity Card with App. Click on the register button at the bottom left. Then fill in ID card number and date of birth. Clicking on the verify button will show you some more information about the desired NID card.

NID card check through

Another effective way to verify information on voter ID card is to verify national identity card through the website. This is an official site. Voter information of all citizens of Bangladesh is available using this server. can extract name, photo, parent’s name and address of an ID card. So for opening a bank account or opening mobile banking, in cases where it is necessary to verify the person’s national identity card, one can easily check the voter ID card information of the person by using this website.

NID Service

Original Voter ID

NID card


Voter ID Download

How to download  NID card 2024

To download an NID card online copy, visit the Bangladeshi national identity card website and register the account with the form number / voter slip / ID card number and date of birth. Once the account is created, click the download button in the profile option of the dashboard and download the nid card online copy.

Bangladeshi national identity card website


Do not forget to fill security captcha while opening an account with slip number or ID number. The security captcha must be typed in the box below. Finally click on the submit button and the NID account will start opening.

National ID number and date of birth will be required to get the ID card online. On the other hand, for those who have become new voters, registration slip number i.e. form number and birth registration will be required.

Rules for downloading NID card online copy

There is no difference between Online Copy of NID Card and Lamenting Voter ID Card issued by Election Commission. Those who are too late to give NID card from EC (Election commission) can download NID card online copy by following rules-

  1. Visit the website

  2. Check slip number/ national identity card number and date of birth

  3. Save current and permanent address

  4. Verify mobile number

  5. Face verification with NID wallet

  6. Download online copy from NID profile

Although 6 steps are shown here it will not take you even 5 minutes to do them.


FAQ about NID Card Check

National Identity Card Verification Sms Code How much?

To know voter information through SMS, send NID FROM NO dd-mm-yyyy to 105. ID card information will be informed through a return message.

What can be known by verifying the ID card?

By Online National Identity Card Verification
1. Name of person
2. Picture
3. Father’s name
4. Mother’s Name
General information of the ID card that can be used to extract the information to verify it. The nid card check will be successful if the verified information matches the national identity card.

How to know if the ID card is original or fake?

To know whether the National Identity Card is genuine or fake, it is necessary to verify the National Identity Card. Throughout this article I have discussed ID card verification. You can check the rules that you think are easy.

Why is the national identity card verified?

This is mainly done to check if the ID Card correction application has changed, or if the NID Card information matches the online information.




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