What is LED? What does it do?

What is LED


What is LED


What is LED : In today’s article we will discuss about LEDs in detail. You can almost hear the sound of LEDs all around you.

In a word, we are all more or less familiar with LED. It can range from LED bulbs to LED TVs.

However, many of us still do not know what LED is or what it does. Don’t worry if you don’t know. Because in today’s article I will give a detailed idea about LED .


What is LED 

LED is a type of semiconductor through which light is emitted when electric current flows. The photons that act as a source of light are produced by the reunion of the electrons in the semiconductor with the electron holes.

As LEDs are cheap and long lasting, LEDs are being widely used in everything from street lighting to laptops, TVs, computers, mobiles. It is an electrical component that is used to convert electrical energy into light energy.

LEDs use less energy than other lights and it lasts longer.

What is LED in simple language?

An LED is a component that is widely used in various electrical devices as a source of light.


Although the word LED is short, it has a full name. Let’s find out the full name of LED from below.

What is the full name of LED 

The full name of LED is Light Emitting Diode . And in Bengali, the full form of LED in Bengali is light emitting diode . In Bengali it is again called light emitting diode .

The other full forms of LED are

  • Low energy detector – Low energy detector.
  • Low energy demand – Low energy demand. 
  • Local economic development – Local economic development. 
  • Look examine and do – Look examine and do.
  • Laptop entry disc – laptop entry disc.
  • Light evacuated device – Light evacuated device.
  • Live electronic dance – live electronic dance.
  • Laser erasing dise – Laser erasing disc.
  • Lamp enhanced display – Lamp enhanced display.
  • Laser equpped dise – Laser equuped disk.

What is the function of LED?

The LED system works in an electrolysis manner. This electroluminescence is an optical where light is produced by the reaction of electric waves flowing through an element.


An LED is a semiconductor device that transmits light. It usually comes in different colors. Its use can be noticed in almost every instrument.

The contribution of this led is to light the keypad of the mobile in your hand. LEDs require very little current. 

The large-screen TVs you see on the streets today are also a combination of numerous LEDs. These can display up to seven colors.

History of LED Discovery

The LEDs we use today take almost 100 years to discover. Work has been underway since 1906 to discover it. 

Then in 1972, Nick Holonyak Jr invented the first led. From which the visible light emits a ray of light. Its color is basically red.


Then M. George Craford invented the yellow LED in 1972. Then in 1989, Shuji Nakamura discovered the blue led.

Advantages of LED lights

  1. LED lights can produce light using low power and work well at low voltages.
  2. LED lights are monochromatic. 
  3. It works for a long time and is very durable.
  4. The LED lights up in a short time without wasting any time

Last word 

In today’s article we learned what is LED light, what is the full name of LED ? If you like my article about what is called LED, please let me know in the comments and don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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